Wing Foil Camp with Michael Rossmeier

Duotone Pro Center Torbole

Begin your Wing Foil Journey

and become an independent wing foiler

This three-day camp is for everyone interested in the sport of wing foiling, no prior knowledge is required! It is taught by professional wing foiler Michael Rossmeier who brings with him a wealth of experience teaching beginners and advanced surfers. Join this exclusive camp where he will share his knowledge about the equipment and will show you how to use the wing as well as the foil. The clinic usually starts off with some dry training on land where you will get an understanding of how to hold and fly the wing. Once that checks out you will get one of our stable SUP boards or bigger volume foil boards and start practicing on the water.

Depending on the prior knowledge, participants will be divided into different groups of 3 or 4 where the session is better catered to each individual's level. Each session will be led by Michi Rossmeier and under his guidance, you will be assisted by the DPC Torbole wing foil instructors. Depending on the wind conditions up to two sessions will be taught each day.

Come ride with us at Duotone Pro Center Torbole and start your wing foil journey with the newest Duotone and Fanatic wing foil gear.




  • All leves
  • Knowing how to swim


  • Coaching (min. 2-3 hours per day)
  • (Wingfoil gear)
  • (Storage space)
  • Photoshoot
  • Wecome package with event T-Shirt


from 2023

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