Duotone has been at the forefront of developing the most advanced and innovative wind and water sports equipment since 2001 and now we are taking the next step in making our passion yours. Introducing the Duotone Pro Center: the ideal hosts for your next trip to one of the best Kiteboarding or Windsurfing destinations and true ambassadors of the Kiteboarding & Windsurfing lifestyle.


Our motivation is your experience: 
Driven by passion we do what we love, because we believe that with our unique locations, limitless drive, certified staff and high-quality products you can experience the wind, water and sky in a new dimension.
Our only aim is to provide you a service that is beyond the exceptional, so that you can get the most out of your holiday. Whether you are eager to learn, beginning to explore, improving your skill set or a seasoned professional, The DUOTONE PRO CENTER is the place to be. We know it is not always a question of having all the gear, but rather a question of having the right gear accompanied with a professional service. Coming stoked from the water and having an unforgettable experience is our key mission for you.


Being a guest at the Duotone Pro Center is not solely about the sport. It is also about the experience. All Centers are located right on the beach and have the facilities & service we surfers require.
Setting new standards with gear of the highest quality, confident staff and qualified instructors, will give you a new feeling of comfort, assurance and safety, benefiting you as a surfer.
Browse and take a closer look at all our certified pro centers and what they have in offer for you.

ION Club - Our Partner

ION Club has been a long-standing partner of Duotone, Fanatic and ION. The close relationship even shows in the brand’s name. ION Club and Duotone Pro Center share a common understanding when it comes to the standard of their centers. With over 37 years of experience, the team of ION Club knows how to satisfy their guests’ needs – with high-quality gear, a stylish appearance, a professional service, a superb location and above all a great atmosphere.

Passion, professionalism, truth, responsibility, and happiness are ION Club’s core values and lived by their team every day. Duotone Pro Center has partnered with ION Club to offer you even more destinations where you can experience the Boards&More brands. Head to our Center Finder page to find out more about the ION Club destinations.