Kite Clinics with Matchu Lopes

Duotone Pro Center Boa Vista

Boost your wave riding skills

with the help of world champ Matchu Lopes

These Kite Clinics present a unique opportunity to spend five full days with Matchu, exploring the best and lesser-known spots around the island. As the third-largest island in the Cape Verde archipelago, Boa Vista boasts numerous fantastic kitesurfing locations, particularly wave spots. Here, you'll encounter everything from point breaks to beach breaks, lefts and rights, and waves of varying sizes.

Throughout the clinic, Matchu will personally ride alongside participants, offering valuable feedback to enhance their riding skills. Participants will learn to navigate various elements, discuss safety measures, and delve into the art of strapless tricks. The clinic extends beyond the water, featuring video analysis sessions from previous rides and insightful discussions about Matchu's decade-long experience competing on the world tour. Additionally, participants will have the unique opportunity to ride with Matchu using his equipment, gaining firsthand experience with the gear of a champion.

Don't miss the chance to elevate your kitesurfing skills while exploring the hidden gems of Boa Vista with Matchu Lopes. Join our kite clinic for an immersive experience that combines adventure, skill improvement, and the thrill of discovering untouched kitesurfing havens.




Matchu Lopes is not just a seasoned professional athlete but also a dedicated coach, making a significant impact in the world of kitesurfing. Born in Sal, Cape Verde, Matchu has been a dominant force in the sport, earning the prestigious title of 2016 GKA Kitesurf World Champion and achieving the remarkable feat of four-time vice world champion. His sustained success at the top level over the past decade speaks volumes about his skill, dedication, and love for kitesurfing.

Beyond his accomplishments on the competitive stage, Matchu has also worked as a kite coach on special occasions. Having recently opened his own Duotone Pro Center, he now provides additional opportunities for his fans and the general kite community to learn from him and benefit from his experience. He finds immense joy in sharing his passion for kitesurfing, particularly in challenging waves and strapless riding. Matchu firmly believes in the reciprocal nature of teaching – that through instructing, one deepens their understanding and skills. This philosophy motivates him to embrace teaching, allowing him not only to give back to the kitesurfing community but also to continually enhance his own abilities.


Remarkably, Matchu is fluent in six languages, ensuring effective communication and coaching for his students. Beyond his skills in kitesurfing, his great personality makes him easy to talk to, never short of a good joke, and always capable of bringing laughter to those around him.



  • Venue: Duotone Pro Center Boa Vista, Cape Verde
  • Dates: 
    • 05.03. - 09.03.2024
    • 19.03. - 23.03.2024
    • 02.04. - 06.04.2024
  • Camp price: € 1.000
  • Rental gear: 15% discount on the rental prices
  • Max. number of participants: 7


  • Intermediate level
  • Able to ride strapless
  • Able to ride in waves and do downwinders


  • Coaching by world champion Matchu Lopes in 6 languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Creole)
  • Video analysis
  • Transfer to the kite spots
  • Takeaway lunch
  • Welcome drink at DPC Boa Vista

Not included:

  • Accommodation
  • Flights
  • Breakfast & Dinner

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Duotone Pro Center Boa Vista

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