Duotone Pro Center Kalpitiya

Sri Lanka

unwind at the dreamy rascals kite resort and kite until the sun goes down

The small and undeveloped village of Kalpitiya, located 175 km North of Colombo, has evolved into the best kitesurfing destination on Sri Lanka. With consistent winds blowing nine months out of the year, the Kalpitiya lagoon offers great conditions for beginners and advanced kitesurfers alike. The Duotone Pro Center Kalpitiya which is part of the charming Rascals Kite Resort has direct access to the lagoon. In only a 10-minute boat ride the team will take you to some of the most amazing kite spots you have ever seen. Incredible blue colors, white sand beaches and shallow water as well as small waves are awaiting you.

Kitesurfing in the winter season

The winter season starts in December and goes until the mid of March. Even though it gets a bit cooler in the winter months you can still surf in boardshorts or a bikini every day and enjoy temperatures around 28°C. In contrast to the summer season, the wind starts a bit later during the winter months at around 10.00 or 11.00 am. Don’t worry though, this still leaves you with 6 to 7 possible hours on the water. Since the Kalpitya Lagoon is the largest and most famous lagoon in the region, there are several kite stations and resorts in immediate proximity from one another which means it can get crowded. To avoid crowds the DPC Kalpitiya team has set up a second kite station north of the center - at the so-called Dreamspot. Visit DPC Kalpitiya and find out what this spot's name is all about.

Activities at the Rascals Kite Resort

As mentioned before the wind starts a bit later in the winter season which leaves you with plenty of time for a morning activity. You can either take part in an energizing yoga session on the beautiful jetty, go for a swim in the pool or take the kayak out for a paddle on the lagoon. As the coastal waters are home to various kinds of dolphins, whales, sea turtles and more, there is also the option to go on a boat cruise with high chances to see some of these fascinating creatures.

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