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Union Island

the picture-perfect kite destination

The Grenadines are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and worth seeing islands in the Caribbean. The combination of white sandy beaches, crystal clear lagoons and constant wind make the Grenadines a unique experience for all kitesurfers and nature lovers. Another bonus, you only have to share the incredible kite spots with a handful of people since you can reach most of them only with a private boat. 

The Duotone Pro Center is located on the charming Union Island which presents a great starting point for your kite adventure. Located right in the center of numerous spots the school offers lessons as well as kite excusions and long downwinders. Explore the Tobago Cays and see if you can spot any turtles underwater or kite around the smallest island that you have ever seen. Every spot is different, from completely flat water to small kickers and waves, there is a spot for every kiteboarding discipline. The winter months between December and March are the best time to travel to Union Island as the wind is blowing very consistently with over 15 knots almost every day. As most days are sunny and warm with temperatures around 30°C you can leave your wetsuit at home and enjoy kiting in boardshorts or a bikini.

More Activities on and around union island

On less windy days you can go on stand up paddle excursions with the team which will take you past beautiful mangroves to a scenic beach with turquoise water. Here you can let your mind wonder before enjoying a shuttle ride back on the boat. If you are keen to spend some time underwater either snorkeling or diving, there is plenty to discover as the water is crystal clear and the Grenadines have a rich underwater fauna. Another great activity is to trek around the island and visit all the stunning beaches that Union Island has to offer. End your day with a drink at one of the beach bars whilst enjoying a spectacular sunset. As you can see, Union Island has a lot to offer! 

How to get to union island

Getting to Union Island is pretty easy! The fastest and most efficient way is to fly to Barbados and then take a small inter island flight (1 hour) with SVG Air. If your flight to Barbados arrives early enough you can catch a plane to Union Island on the same day and you will not need to stay overnight on Barbados. Another option is flying straight to St. Vincent. From there it is only a 20 min flight to Union Island with SVG Air. However, you often need to stay overnight on St. Vincent before you can get on your final flight to Union Island. Instead of flying there is also the option of taking the ferry from St. Vincent to Union Island (4 to 6 hours). You can find the ferry schedule on Google. We recommend to fly via Barbados if your plane lands early enough for you to catch your last flight on the same day.

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