Wing Foil Weeks

at Duotone Pro Center Tenerife

Become an independent wing foiler

in only three days

The sport of wing foiling is becoming more and more popular around the world as it offers many advantages over kitesurfing and windsurfing (e.g. possibility to surf in lighter wind conditions, gear is easy to set up, less risky than kiteboarding, quick progress etc.). For those of you who haven't tried it yet or only have limited experience, DPC Tenerife is offering a wing foil lesson package that will take you from the beginner to the intermediate level in only three days. The lessons are taught by experienced instructors that will guide you through the basics and different techniques. From equipment knowledge, setting up the gear and holding the wing correctly to making the first flights on the foil and performing different maneuvers, the course covers it all. Sign up now and become an independent wing foiler in less than one week!

The lessons will take place at Granadilla harbour - a flatwater spot -, so you can start off in easy conditions and focus on getting a feeling for the wing and foil. Your instructor will accompany you by boat to ensure an effective coaching and to guarantee your safety at all times. A prearranged taxi will take you from the school to the spot and a small boat will take you back to the school every day.

The lessons are taught in small groups with no more than four students per group. This ensures a high-quality coaching and great learning results. Your instructor will cover everything from the basics up to jibing and tacking and jumping. With regards to equipment you will be provided with the latest gear from DUOTONE and FANATIC, so all you need to bring is your hand luggage.

The lesson package

Place, available dates & Price

Requirements & experience

  • being able to swim
  • course is designed for beginners
  • no experience in watersports needed

    included services

    • 3 days of coaching (3 hours per session)
    • DUOTONE & FANATIC foil wing gear
    • wetsuits & lycras
    • hot showers and lockers
    • food and drinks during the lessons
    • daily transport to and from the flatwater spot

    What to bring

    • sun cream
    • towel
    • shower gel
    • face mask
    • good shoes/flip-flops for the rocky beach


    9:30 Instructor leaves the Center with all the gear to set up at Granadilla harbour 

    10:30 Students leave the Center to the harbour

    11:00 Start of lesson

    12:30 Break

    14:00 End of lesson

    14:15 Transfer to the Center

    break/end of the day

    FOR more information & registration Contact

    Duotone Pro Center Tenerife

    +34 922 178 394