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Duotone Pro Center Torbole

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with the help of pro windsurf coach Tom Brendt

The world-famous Lake Garda has been attracting windsurfers with its idyllic setting for years. Its unique wind conditions brings freestylers, freeriders and racers back every season and the Duotone Pro Center Torbole is always a favourite. Located on the water's edge and equipped with a full range of the latest Duotone and Fanatic gear, this is the perfect setting for a windsurfing camp. In 2020 the Windsurf Pro Camp premiered with great success and had its attendees master the jibe, fast tack and many other maneuvers. The Pro Camp caters to intermediate windsurfers and those that have already mastered the jibe and fast tack are guided by experienced coach Tom Brendt through new manoeuvres. Sign up now and improve your windsurfing with like-minded wind gurus from across Europe.




  • You can glide, feel comfortable surfing in footstraps and master the waterstart.
  • You want to improve your windsurfing in a short time.
  • You are motivated to train for your goals.



  • 3-4 days of individual training (min. 4 hours per day)
  • Individual excercises for your Dream Move or Moves
  • Videoanalysis
  • Photoshoots 
  • Dinner on Saturday


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