Wave Clinic with Marc Paré and Victor Fernandez

At DPC Tenerife

Duotone Pro Center Tenerife is proud to have once again hosted the Wave Clinic with renowned Wave World Champions, Marc Paré and Victor Fernandez. For the third consecutive year, DPC Tenerife welcomed windsurfers from around Europe to this extraordinary event. Tenerife, located in the Canary Islands, is known for its exceptional wind and wave conditions, especially during the summer season. After the PWA tour stop in Pozo, Gran Canaria, Marc and Victor wasted no time in heading to El Medano. WE ARE ABSOLUTELY THRILLED TO HAVE BEEN ABLE TO OFFER THIS INCREDIBLE OPPORTUNITY TO OUR GUESTS AND PROVIDE THEM WITH AN UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE.

Wave Clinic Highlight Clip


Day 1

A 6-day time frame was allocated for the wave clinic, spanning from July 17th to July 22nd. Marc and Victor, being the wave wizards they are, selected the best 3 days with prime wind and wave conditions. On the 16th of July, just as the evening vibes were settling in, participants got the message that the clinic would kick off the next day. So, everyone gathered at 10 in the morning at Duotone Pro Center Tenerife for a quick introduction round where level and expectations were discussed. With no time to waste the group hit the water shortly after and demonstrated their wave skills.

The first session took place right in front of the center in the bay of El Medano. Marc and Victor aimed to assess the skill level of the twelve participants to tailor their approach for the upcoming sessions. The wind was already quite strong and the participants used sails between 3.7 and 4.5m2. After two hours and many helpful tips, it was time for a lunch break.

The next session was scheduled for the afternoon. The tide was ideal for a session at the wall. Once there, Marc and Victor handpicked the best waves and guided the participants toward them to maximize their rides. Victor expertly captured all the action with his GoPro. After each wave ride, the two coaches provided prompt feedback along with suggestions for improvement. On their way out to the line-up, participants eagerly practiced their jumps and front loops.

After a first successful clinic day, everyone met in the evening at the TWS Outlet Store. The atmosphere was abuzz with beer, snacks, and discussions about the surf day. To top it off, all participants were presented with a T-shirt as a token of remembrance.

Two Laydays and a Theory Lesson

Tuesday lacked sufficient wind for a fun windsurf session, resulting in a well-deserved day off for everyone. The outlook for Wednesday appeared more promising. So, the group met once again at Duotone Pro Center Tenerife eager to learn more. As the wind was still light, the day commenced with a theory session. The focus centered on proper sail and board adjustments, along with correct foot strap, fin, and mast foot placements. In addition, the coaches ran participants through the correct execution of various maneuvers and also delved into the mastery of the front loop. This interactive session facilitated participants in addressing all their questions.

As the forecast changed again, the decision was made to release all participants for the afternoon, resuming the clinic with an optimistic forecast set for Thursday.

Time for a Meet & Greet

On Wednesday evening DPC Tenerife hosted one of its famous Meet & Greet events, a gathering that welcomed not only the wave clinic participants but all water sports fans. This event offered a prime opportunity to engage with Marc and Victor, delving into their expertise. The two wave experts were joined by two special guests Marco Lang, Duotone Windsurfing's product manager, and Ennio Dal Point from the slalom team. The icing on the cake? Anyone who posed a question stood a chance to snag some exciting goodies. With free-flowing beer and a vibrant ambiance, the evening proved to be a great success!

Day 2

On Thursday, the wind was back in full force and the wave gradually built up at the wall. The camp kicked off at 10 am with a short briefing on the beach, followed by a direct plunge into the water and the group heading directly to the wall. As the wind got a lot stronger, some participants opted to swap out their sails for smaller ones, ranging from 3.4 to 4.5m2. Benji, also known as photomedano on Social Media, documented the session from the shore. Marc and Victor shared in the participants' joy for every wave conquered or loop attempted. After over two hours out on the water, it was time for yet another lunch break.

The afternoon session started at 3:30 pm. With the high tide in play, the training shifted to the bay of El Medano. Another satisfying two-hours were spent on the water before the participants could call it a day and head out to dinner.

Day 3

Friday marked the next and unfortunately, the final day of the clinic. The weariness from the previous day was evident early in the morning. Some participants had already resorted to taping up their hands or wearing gloves for surfing. However, the enthusiasm and enjoyment remained unwavering. The wind was as strong as the day before and the tide was good for the wall.

Certain participants had not only mastered the front loop but also honed their techniques to a level where they were ready to try the back loop. Fueled by high spirits, everyone hit the water for another two-hour session. As the afternoon rolled in, the action shifted back to the bay of El Medano, this time with a water photographer in tow. The participants were eager to demonstrate the newly learned maneuvers in front of the lens and the results are worth seeing. Thus, another remarkable clinic at our Duotone Pro Center Tenerife came to an end, leaving behind twelve happy participants who are already eagerly anticipating the next camp.


Photo Credits: Photomedano; The 7Pixels