Two new Duotone Pro Centers

Thailand - Grenadines

Duotone Pro Center Grenadines

The kitesurf school owned by Jeremie Tronet is located on the tropical Union Island which is part of the Grenadines. The island offers magnificent sandy beaches and turquoise water. The flat and shallow setup here is ideal for beginners who are just starting their kitesurfing journey. The water and air are warm all year round, so no wetsuit is needed. The best season to visit Union Island is between November and July with wind consistently above 15 knots.


The center’s focus is on teaching kiteboarding lessons and renting out kiteboarding gear. Lessons are taught by IKO certified instructors and are adapted to your level. You will be provided with your own personal instructor to enhance your learning progress. To ensure a safe learning environment, each lesson has its own safety boat, boat driver and instructor. During the lesson you will be provided with Duotone kiteboarding gear. Are you already an experienced kite surfer? DPC Grenadines offers a wide range of Duotone kiteboarding gear and has all kite sizes and board types available. Put together your favorite kite setup or try something new!


Book one of the kiteboarding excursions and discover new and exciting kitesurfing spots that are only accessible by boat. Choose from a full day or a half day excursion, find out more details from the instructor.


The Duotone Pro Center will happily assist you with the booking of your accommodation. If you want to get the most out of your kiteboarding week, pick the hotel next to the center and stay in one of the rooms with direct access to the kite spot. From this hotel, it is only a 2-minute walk to the center of Clifton town where you can find bars and restaurants.

Duotone Pro Center Thailand

DPC Thailand is located 200km south of Bangkok in a typical Thai small town with temples, markets and vivid streets. You can find the watersports school right on the beachfront of the beautiful Hua Hin Beach. The sandy town beach stretches for eight kilometers along the shore and often offers small and clean waves which are ideal for longboarding and standup paddling. There is no reef, therefore doing watersports is quite safe. Furthermore, Hua Hin is known for being the number one kitesurfing spot in Thailand because of its great wind conditions. The season is from October until May.


The Duotone Pro Center offers kiteboarding lessons and rentals. You can choose from different options when booking a lesson e.g. trial course (3 hours) or a 3-day course. Lessons are taught in small groups (2 students per instructor) to promote the learning process. More experienced kite surfers can rent Duotone gear and have access to all kite sizes and board types.


Besides kiteboarding lessons and rentals, the school also offers a variety of packages which include the following services: booking of accommodation, Duotone kitesurf equipment, kitesurf lessons, airport shuttle, organization of activities besides kitesurfing e.g. visit of modern wakeboard park in Hua Hin.