The Story of DPC Zanzibar

told by Carolina & Andrej

After a year of preparation the much anticipated day has finally come, the opening day of DUOTONE PRO CENTER ZANZIBAR. We are excited to introduce a new destination located at one of the most marvelous places on earth to you! to give you a small taste of the new center, we caught up with carolina & andrej - the owners - and talked to them about the setup of the school, why they decided to leave their life in europe behind and what's so appealing about the tanzanian island. 

Duotone Pro Center Zanzibar

videographer: Therese Eriksson

Hi guys, thanks for taking the time to do this interview! DPC Zanzibar is about to open for the first time. Are you excited? Can you tell our readers more about where you are located and what your setup is?

We are beyond excited! We are super thrilled! We are located on the longest beach of the magical island of Zanzibar. We run a boutique hotel, so clients that visit us have a place to stay at, right at the beach with a lovely sea view and seafront restaurant, a little pool and a private beach with sunbeds and sunshades. We also have a casual beach lounge right next to the kite center where clients can enjoy a cocktail and grilled seafood between one kite session and the next.

What type of packages will you offer at your location? Can external guests also book a kite lesson with you?

We provide a wide range of activities, be it Kitesurfing, Wing Foiling, Stand Up Paddling as well as Kitefoiling both lessons as well as rental. The spot is ideal for beginners with flat water condition as well as for advanced riders who would like to take their riding to the next level. For our inhouse guests we offer a 10% discount on all activities related to the center.

How much accommodation is available and who are you catering for?

We have 8 excusive rooms which are ideal for all sorts of target clients, be it solo travelers, couples, families, and friends.

You only moved to Zanzibar last year. Why did you decide to leave Switzerland and open up a Boutique Resort and kite school on Zanzibar? Has that always been a dream of yours?

Switzerland is a beautiful country, and it is still our home. Zanzibar is an opportunity that came up which we simply could not say no to. As much as we love Switzerland we are missing there the sea, warm weather year around, and above all an awesome kite spot which can be done year-round without wetsuit.

When was the first time you went to Zanzibar? What were your impressions of the island and the people?

Andrej: I came here for the first time a few years ago on holiday. I was truly impressed by the colors of the beach and the water. It was my very first time in Africa. I did a safari in Tanzania as well and seeing the wildlife was just one in a lifetime experience. When I got on the kite, surfing the long white sand beaches, that’s when I truly fell in love.

Carolina: I came on this island for the first time when I was 5 years old, and I lived here until the age of 14. I absolutely fell in love with the nature and the people. It has always been my dream to come back and live here. It feels like home here.

Why should kitesurfers visit Zanzibar and also your resort and center?

Zanzibar is a perfect place for both beginners as well as expert kiters. This island is great because it has much to offer. Many of our clients have partners or friends who do not kitesurf and there is plenty of other things that they can do, be it diving, snorkeling, sailing on one of the traditional wooden boats, walking on sandbanks in the middle of the ocean, swimming with dolphins and turtles, going on safari to see elephants, lions, giraffes, hippos and much more.

Can you tell us a little about the kite spot in Kiwengwa? Who is it suited for? What are the wind conditions like? How does it work with the tides?

Kiwengwa is ideal for beginners as well as advanced riders. Throughout the year we have stable wind condition between 15 to 20 knots. There are two prevailing trade winds the "Kaskazi", from the northeast between December and March and the "Kusi", from southeast between July and September, which marks this the windier months. In Zanzibar there are so called semi-diurnal tides, which gives to high and two low tides every day. The frequency is every six hours and can be up to 4 meters high. During low tide a small sand bank is formed.

What are the other spots close by that visitors can go and kite at?

There are plenty but most of our clients chose to kite right infront of our hotel and kite center as the beach is so long and the tides make the beach always look different so they hardly feel the need to visit any other spot. Also, it’s so convenient to leave the room and in just a few steps be literally on the water and right at the kite spot.

What’s there to do on days without wind at the resort and around Kiwengwa?

Snorkeling, diving, visiting jozani forest with beautiful endemic monkeys, visiting the UNESCO world heritage stone town, cruising on one of the local hand crafted boats, visiting a spice farm, swimming with dolphins and turtles, flying with a small plain and landing directly in one of the national parks to experience the savannah wildlife with elephants, giraffes, lions, zebras, hippos and much more.

When can visitors begin to book?

They can book already today! We can't wait to welcome you!

Thank you Carolina and Andrej for sharing DPC Zanzibar's story with us! We wish you a wonderful start and can't wait to see more of your center!