The idea behind the Duotone Pro Center concept

Duotone has played a leading role in the development of advanced and innovative wind and watersports products in the areas of windsurfing, kitesurfing and foil wing for many years. With the introduction of the Duotone Pro Center (DPC), Duotone together with its great partners has succeeded in enabling a high quality, service-oriented watersports experience.

The start of DPC

Till Eberle, CEO of Boards & More GmbH, expressed the idea of establishing a new business division in October 2018, to act as a new touch point between consumer and brand.

Who is behind it?

Behind the Duotone Pro Center concept are established watersports schools and the Boards & More GmbH. These watersports schools are characterized by a high-quality offer (equipment, lessons and other services), a strong customer focus and many years of experience in teaching. In addition, the partners’ centers are located at premium and diverse watersport spots around the world which are not only ideal for beginners but also fun and challenging for advanced surfers. The Boards & More GmbH is proud to work with these experienced partners and is looking forward to moving the Duotone Pro Center project along together.

What is the idea?

The idea of the Duotone Pro Center project is to collaborate with the best watersports schools worldwide and together provide the customer with a premium water sports experience. This creates several advantages for the customer. Firstly, the name Duotone Pro Center stands for a high standard that is maintained at all centers. The customer can therefore be certain that all equipment is in good condition and that centers offer excellent services. Secondly, all centers are marked with Duotone's corporate design which results in a recognition value for the customer. In addition, to facilitate the customer’s experience, processes at the various Duotone Pro Centers follow the same pattern.

The foundation of this project is built upon the great partners and all their efforts. The Boards & More GmbH is looking forward to creating new relationships and welcoming more watersports schools into the Duotone Pro Center family.

What products and services do the Duotone Pro Centers offer?

The products in the Duotone Pro Centers are provided by the Boards & More GmbH brands: Duotone, Fanatic, Ion and iRig. Depending on the spot and school, different activities and equipment are offered. The offer includes teaching windsurfing and kitesurfing as well as equipment rental. In addition, at selected centers customers can also do standup paddling and foil winging. The offered services are chosen by the center according to the conditions of the respective surf spot. In addition to the above-mentioned services, customers are also able to take part in clinics and camps given by certified instructors and professional team riders from the Duotone and Fanatic Teams. For more information about Duotone Pro Center, please visit