Recap of the Windsurf Pro Camp

hosted by DPC Tenerife

Review of the Tom Brendt Clinic

El Medano, June 2023

Despite the wind being less strong than usual during the camp, there was still ample time on the water. The participants made good use of the days with light winds to focus on refining their foundational skills. On the light wind days, they had the opportunity to learn, understand and practice each step of the desired maneuvers in slow motion.

The camp included theoretical sessions where Tom conducted workshops on board and rig fundamentals. He explained various aspects such as board constructions, fin systems, board types, and the proper sail trim, featuring the renowned Power XT from Duotone Windsurfing. When the wind was insufficient for windsurfing, the participants engaged in stand-up paddleboarding sessions at Cabezo or enjoyed surfing right in front of the center. Furthermore, the camp introduced the participants to e-foiling, allowing them to gain their first experiences with this exciting activity. After a few attempts, everyone was able to effortlessly glide above the water's surface.

As the camp neared its end, the wind picked up during the last two days, enabling the seven participants to put their newly acquired techniques to the test in stronger winds, particularly when the board was planing.

Each evening, the group ventured to the town of El Medano for enjoyable and lively dinners. Overall it was a fantastic week thanks to the motivated participants and everyone had a great deal of fun throughout the camp at Duotone Pro Center Tenerife.