Interview with Aleks, Tomas,
Rocco & Sam

Wing Foiling Young Blood ripping at Duotone Pro Center Torbole

If you have been to DUOTONE PRO CENTER TORBOLE in the past year, it is highly likely that you have already had the pleasure of encountering four exceptional and dedicated young wing foilers. ALEKS, TOMAS, ROCCO, and SAM, these talented groms, have become familiar faces at the center, tirelessly pursuing their passion for wing foiling.

Hailing from the picturesque region of Tyrol in Austria, Aleks and Tomas, both 15 years old, have emerged as remarkable wing foiling twins. Their passion for the sport has led them to call Lake Garda their second home, where they can be found honing their skills almost every weekend and during each vacation. Also from the Tyrol in Austria is Sam, 10 years old, he started at an early age by playing around with his dad's wing, and he got hooked right away. Joining them is Rocco, a 16-year-old prodigy born in the tropical paradise of Hawaii but now residing on the breathtaking shores of Lake Garda.

During this interview the competition in La Palma is about to start where Aleks, Tomas, Rocco and Sam will participate.

So far Aleks and Tomas have already participated in another Youth World Cup. This is already Aleks' and Tomas' second Youth World Cup event. Follow them on Social Media to get the latest updates on their results!

In this interview, we have the privilege of delving deeper into the world of these remarkable young athletes, exploring their journey, aspirations, and the impact that the Duotone Pro Center Torbole has had on their wing foiling endeavors. Get ready to be inspired and captivated by their stories!

How did you first discover wing foiling? Could you share your journey and what initially drew you to this sport? What motivated you to improve your skills in wing foiling? Was there a specific moment or experience that inspired you to push yourself further?

Aleks & Tomas: We were introduced to wing foiling when we saw many people, including Michael Rossmeier, participating in the sport. Their passion and enthusiasm inspired us greatly, and we were eager to start right away. We booked our first lesson and haven't looked back since. Whenever we witness others performing new tricks and flips, it motivates us to learn those moves as well. We support each other by sharing tips and tricks to help one another progress.


Rocco: Prior to wing foiling, I was involved in windsurfing. Almost a year ago, I tried wing foiling at Circolo and fell in love with it instantly. It was during my trip to Tarifa with the Duotone professionals that I started taking wing foiling more seriously. I even managed to accomplish my first backflip, which is one of the most acknowledged tricks in this sport.


Sam: I started by jumping around on the beach with my dad’s wings and the fun really begun when I could race across the lagoon in Tarifa with my surfboard and the wing! When I see a trick my friends do I want to do it too and better!

What are your personal goals in wing foiling? Are there any specific achievements or milestones you are aiming for in the near future?


Aleks & Tomas: We have the same goal in wing foiling, we want to win as many GWA events as possible.


Rocco: My personal goals in wing foiling are to participate in as many GWA World Tour events as I can and land as many tricks as possible.


As young athletes in the wing foiling world, what challenges do you face?


Tomas: As young athletes, I believe we have an advantage because our lighter weight allows us to achieve greater heights even in low wind conditions.


Aleks: I don't feel that I face any particular challenges as a young wing foiler.


Rocco: Rather than challenges, I see it as a constant pursuit of trying to replicate the tricks and moves that other riders invent or successfully execute.

Can you tell us about your favorite wing foiling setup? Is there a specific board, wing, or equipment combination that you feel most comfortable and confident with?

Aleks: Personally, I favor the 750 eero carve wing with the 216 stabilizer, coupled with the 60 cm aluminum fuselage and the 82 collab carbon TE mast. For the board, I always use the 4'4 Sky Surf TE, although I don't have a preferred wing size.

Tomas: My favorite foil setup consists of the 750 aero carve wing, the 60 cm fuselage, and the 82 mast. I find the 45-liter board from Fanatic to be a great match. When it comes to wings, I feel most comfortable using the 3.5 Unit from Duotone.

Rocco: I'm a fan of the Fanatic Surf TE board in 4.4 with 35 liters, paired with the 800-front wing aero free. I typically use the 82 mast and 60 cm fuselage. As for the wing, I enjoy using either the 3 m Duotone Unit or the 3.5 Unit D/LAB.

Sam: I am riding the 4’2 Fanatic Sky Surf Team Edition which has a closer foot stance for kids, 82 foil mast and 750 carve is my favorite front wing. I like the 2.0 unit best as I can spin the fastest on it!

Do you receive any coaching or professional guidance in your wing foiling journey? If so, how has having a coach or mentor influenced your progress and skill development?


Aleks & Tomas: We train without the assistance of a professional coach. We often train with fellow young flyers and friends, supporting each other to improve every session on the water.


Rocco: I do not have a personal coach; I simply train alongside other athletes.

How do you learn new tricks and techniques in wing foiling? Are there any specific resources, training methods, or approaches that you find particularly helpful?

Aleks & Tomas: We primarily learn new tricks by watching videos on Instagram. Before hitting the water, we watch the trick several times and then try it out ourselves.

Rocco: I usually watch Instagram videos featuring the top wing foilers or clips from the Duotone Academy.

Sam: Yes we go on the water and have as much fun as we can!

Have you utilized the Academy app to learn new tricks in wing foiling? If so, how has it contributed to your skill development and overall progression?

Tomas: I have used the Duotone Academy app to learn some fun and cool tricks. The app has been instrumental in helping me understand the techniques required to execute those tricks.

Aleks: The Duotone Academy app has been invaluable in my journey, especially for learning light wind tricks. It has significantly contributed to my improvement in those areas.

Why do you consider DUOTONE PRO CENTER TORBOLE at Lake Garda your home spot for wing foiling? What makes it an ideal location for training and progressing in this sport?


Tomas: I have been visiting Lake Garda throughout my life because my father was a windsurfer who loved the spot and the lake. It's almost windy every day, which makes it the perfect place to train.


Aleks: For me, the Duotone Pro Center Torbole on Lake Garda feels like home because we go there almost every weekend, and during our summer vacations, we spend most days there. It's undoubtedly one of the best spots for wing foiling due to the consistently windy conditions, with only a few days without wind.


Rocco: The Duotone Pro Center in Torbole is the ideal place for people who want to try all kinds of water sports.


Sam: It’s a cool place, we can have fun off the water and have something to do besides wing foiling too, there are lots of kids and the guys from Duotone Pro Center are all good friends too!

How does DUOTONE PRO CENTER TORBOLE support you in your wing foiling endeavors?


Tomas: The Duotone Pro Center Torbole provides support by offering assistance on the water, such as providing boat rides. They are always there for us whenever we need help.


Aleks: The Duotone Pro Center Torbole has consistently supported us by providing assistance whenever something happens on the water. They ensure our safety by bringing us back to shore using their boat. Everyone at the center is friendly and helpful.


Rocco: I am grateful for the support I receive from DPC Torbole, and I greatly appreciate it.


Sam: They are very good friends and help me whenever I need something. My dad is also coaching there from time to time and does some camps there.

Photo Credits: Ronny Kiaulehn & Emanuela Cauli