Current situation in Sri Lanka

News from DPC Kalpitiya

Many of you have heard that Sri Lanka is currently facing some political uncertainty and economic challenges. The political unrest has been relatively peaceful so far, and there is great emphasis on keeping it that way. nevertheless, the portrait that's been painted by the media is quite negative and as a result tourism has decreased. to give you a better understanding of the current situation in sri lanka and how it could affect your journey to our PRO CENTER ON THE KALPITIYA LAGOON, we had our dear partner johanna write up a few paragraphs to eliminate some of your concerns. HERE'S WHAT JOHANNA - OWNER OF DPC KALPITIYA - HAD TO SAY:

The wind continues to blow

The unrest is based mainly in the capital city of Colombo. The people of Sri Lanka are resilient and determined to maintain the sovereignty and dignity of our country in a non-violent way with minimum impact on guests of our country. Kalpitiya is a 3,5 hours’ drive north of the capital Colombo. The wind continues to blow and we at DPC Kalpitiya have been able to run our operations this season with minimal setbacks. So far, the wind has been steady and consistent and we have had the privilege of teaching new and seasoned kiters, going on unforgettable island trips and downwinders to secluded kite spots not forgetting a lot of shared stoke.

making sure you face a minimum of inconvenience

In Kalpitiya all our food and supplies are sourced locally with many alternatives, so we have not had an issue with supplies. Power cuts are currently at a maximum of 2 hours, and we have a back-up generator that operates during this time. In the event that we are unable to source fuel for the generators, we can only promise to do our very best to ensure that the hotel is well lit and ventilated in such a case, so that guests will face minimum inconvenience.

Transfers and excursion are guaranteed

If you wish to stay with us, we will arrange an airport transfer to Kalpitiya. Daily boat transfer to the kite spots is guaranteed. With regards to exploring the rest of this beautiful island, owing to the shortage of fuel the public transport (buses, trains) may not be as frequent. Private transfers can be arranged but best they are booked in advance. Our Tourist Board has ensured that tourists are well looked after with priority on fuel supplies and also being able to travel freely in the unlikely event of a curfew.

Staying positive

We are staying positive and doing our best to ensure that our guests have an unforgettable experience despite the crisis on the island. We encourage you to get in touch directly with us at DPC Kalpitiya (; +94 710107634) and we are happy to answer to any questions or concerns.


We look forward to welcoming you at our home spot!