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Are you looking to turn your favorite hobby into a job? Duotone Pro Center Fehmarn is offering you the chance to become an IKO certified kite instructor within two weeks. All you need to do is take part in the upcoming two courses, one being the Assistant Training Course (ATC) and the second one the Instructor Level 1 course. With the Instructor Level 1 certification you are able to work at kite schools world wide and also independently. Both courses take place directly after each other, so you can fit them into one vacation! We have summarized the most important information for you down below. 



Assistant Training Course (ATC)

The Assistant Training Course (ATC) is for independent kitesurfers who want to improve their riding skills or make a career out of kiteboarding. It is divided into two modules consisting of an eLearning program and in person training at an IKO center. During the first module you will cover the essential theoretical kitesurfing concepts which will prepare you for the following practical training. You can access the eLearning materials online via your IKO account after you have enrolled in the course. The second module - the in person training - takes place over a 5 days period and includes hands-on learning and continual feedback sessions with other passionate kitesurfers. Goal of the ATC is to teach you the fundamentals of kitesurfing and to provide you with the necessary teaching competencies. Once you completed the whole training you are allowed to work as an Assistant at any IKO center around the globe. 

date: 09.05. – 13.05.2021
duration: 40 hours / 5 days
location: Duotone Pro Center Fehmarn
language: German
level: advanced kitesurfer
minimum age: 16 years old
number of participants: max. 8
price: € 440

Instructor Level 1

This course is designed to turn you into a competent kite instructor! Learn through an internationally recognized method how to teach beginners up to independent kitesurfers safely and efficiently. All the pedagogical contents and exercises in the course aim to show you how to find the perfect balance of fun and safety while keeping in mind that every student is different.


date: 14.05. – 18.05.2021
duration: 40 hours / 5 days
location: Duotone Pro Center Fehmarn
language: German
level: advanced kitesurfer
minimum age: 18 years old
requirement: Assistant Training Course
number of participants: max. 8
price: € 770

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"We have often taken on course participants directly after the training. If you are keen to jump right into the job, just give us a shout and send us your application!" 

Kirsten und Michael Brozio

Owners of Duotone Pro Center Fehmarn

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For more information about the courses, visit the official IKO website or contact DPC Fehmarn.


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